Meal Preparation

Look after your body without the compromise on taste.

When you have a busy, active lifestyle and require top quality food sources, but often lack the time or expertise to make this a reality, Nutri-Licious is here for you.

We supply gourmet style, fresh food in the form of a nutritional healthy meal preparation, allowing you choice, quality and ultimate convenience.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply someone wanting to get back into shape, our menu page allows you to create a specific, macro-counted list of meals with hundreds of variations.

Nutri-Licous also offers diet advice to help you craft your perfect order, with an extensive list of gourmet cooked proteins, carbs & vegetables to suit all tastes.


Nutri-Licious Dietary Specialist

​You can call Nutri-Licous today to book an appointment for nutrition and diet consultation with our dietary specialist.